CLEAN N ROLL the eco-friendly painters tool - for home and commercial use.

Will reusing your paint roller naps really make a difference? Yes!  You can save money by reusing instead of purchasing new naps the next time you paint. Reusing paint roller naps is easy to do, especially with CLEAN N ROLL. For a professional painting contractor throwing away just 4 roller naps a month, that would be 48 naps a year. If those naps cost $3 each, that's throwing away $144 per year. Now think about this........there are 216,000 licensed painting contractors in the US. If each one threw away 48 roller naps a year, that would be 10,368,000 paint roller naps going into landfill!! This number does not include homeowners or DIY painters! Be kind to the planet - REUSE those paint roller naps!

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